There is a cycleway that follows the South Eastern Highway and terminates at the Mt Wellington Highway.

At the Great South Rd end it is on what looks like a footpath on the side of the highway, separated from the highway by a concrete barrier, but then it skirts around the exit from the Southern Motorway, coming back to within about 5m of the South Eastern Highway about 100m before the Mt Wellington Highway ends.

Cyclists (like me) needing to get across to the industrial areas off Carbine Rd must then cross the Mt Wellington Highway and either go through or around Sylvia Park (either is quite circuitous). It would seem to be a simple and inexpensive way to add a very useful kilometre to Auckland's cycleways to link back up to the shoulder of the South Eastern Highway so we could continue in the better safety of the cycleway. Five metres of asphalt and a further section of concrete barrier would be all that is required as the paved surface is already there and is currently not used by anybody at all. I would say it could possibly be the cheapest kilometre ever added to Auckland's cycleways.

Has anybody who is responsible for improving Auckland's cycleways noticed this and are there any plans to go ahead with this? John Christiansen, Auckland.

PS I am loving the improvements to our cycleways and really appreciate what has been done, what is being done and what is planned.

Auckland Transport has plans to improve connections for people walking and cycling in the nearby area by providing a shared path along Mt Wellington Highway adjacent to Sylvia Park. The suggested route connecting with and along South Eastern Highway is innovative, but would come at a very high cost owing to the necessary path-widening along this section, and the need for barrier separators. It is not on the 2015-2018 programme of major cycling improvements, but suggestions for minor improvements are welcomed, and can be shared by going to:
Down Great North Rd in Pt Chevalier on both sides there is a bus lane 7-9am, and then 4-6pm on the other side. Can I drive in this bus lane after 9am? And any other times except 4-6 pm? My 13-year-old son says no, it is a bus lane, and I say yes. Who is correct? Pascal Brown, Auckland.

You are. If the signs show symbols of bicycles and motorcycles as well as buses, as they do, then the bus lane reverts to one of general use outside the specified hours. If the signs show a bus only, then it is a lane solely for the use of buses at all times.

Are you able to find out why it's taking so long to lift the 80km/h restriction on the Southern Motorway heading north between Ellerslie and Greenlane? The extra lane has been open for a while. Mike McKinley, Howick.

I apologise for the delay in answering this. The temporary speed restriction through the Ellerslie construction site was lifted on the morning of April 27.