A man with a closely-shaved head is being sought by police in relation to a theft at a West Auckland bank.

A large sum of money was believed to have been stolen from a bank patron who was distracted while trying to deposit money at the New Lynn ANZ bank on March 14.

Today police have launched an appeal on the Waitemata Police Facebook page for information about a man they believe could help with the investigation into the theft.

Some images of the man dressed in a shirt, with QUEENS, USA amongst other indecipherable writing on his shirt, was shared on the page.


He can be seen with a shoulder bag, and a pair of sunglasses on his head and what could potentially be a bit of facial hair on his upper lip and chin.

Police have asked anyone who knows who this man was to contact senior constable Kevin Morgan on 09 839 0600 or to email him at kevin.morgan@police.govt.nz