We've already seen cars that can drive and park themselves, but could they become smart enough to tell us if we've left our wallet or phone behind?

Land Rover is about to introduce a Bluetooth system to its vehicle dashboard touchscreen that will link with tracking attached to items like wallets, bags, phones or suitcases.

The company has just announced a partnership with smartphone tracking app Tile, whose tiny Bluetooth trackers would be compatible with Land Rover models in New Zealand from next year.

Users would be alerted if specified items are not inside the vehicle and could even able to get on-screen directions to their last-known location.


The technology would allow customers to list "essentials" using the vehicle's touchscreen, which are always checked when the app is turned on.

If items were inside the vehicle, customers could sound a 90-decibel alarm on the Tile tag.

"We believe this integration will give car owners greater peace of mind about the whereabouts of essential items, helping them save time before they embark on journeys," Land Rover spokesperson James McKee said.

The Tile smartphone app is compatible with Android and Apple platforms and the number of items that can be tracked is limitless.