A couple find something strange on their favourite loaf of bread, and a disappearing cat returns home after four years on the road. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A Waitangi couple's favourite loaf of bread came with a surprise this week - a baked black blob.

After disappearing for four years, K Bear the cat has returned home acting like nothing has happened.

Invasive Argentine ants are a worsening problem in Rotorua as they continue their march in residents' homes.


A flash flood which hit Dannevirke just after 3pm yesterday has caused chaos for locals as well as leaving a strong smell of sewage.

An act of vandalism a couple of years ago has finally got the better of a century-old tree in Whanganui's Kowhai Park and now it has to go.

A barn on a property in Carterton became engulfed in flames shortly before 11pm last night but no injuries have been reported.