Kiwis across the country have been delighted by "unusually" warm temperatures this evening which have stuck around late into the night.Temperatures peaked in Kaikoura where residents enjoyed 25C heat at 9pm.

Meanwhile residents in Whangarei enjoyed a balmy 16.9C and clear skies late tonight while in Auckland the temperature was sitting one degree higher at 18C at 9pm.

In Tauranga 15.5C heat was enjoyed by residents in the late evening while in Wellington the temperature sat at a tepid 18.6C despite overcast skies and a brisk northerly.

Unfortunately for Hamilton and Hastings residents the temperature was substantially lower in both centres sitting slightly around 12C at 9pm.


In Christchurch meanwhile the temperature sat at a warm 21C tonight while temperatures in Dunedin sat at 16.5C.

Metservice meteorologist Hannah Moes said the heat had been brought on by a warm northerly flow over the country bringing down warmer air from north of New Zealand.

"It is also aided by what is known as the fern effect where the air dries out and warms as it passes over the mountains so areas in the east will be warmer than in the west."

Ms Moes said the warmer temperatures were unusual for this time of year.

Tonight's warmer weather is not expected to stick around for long however. Cooler temperatures are forecast for many parts of the country tomorrow.

Ms Moes said highs of around 20-22C were expected in parts of the North Island tomorrow while temperatures of 17-20C were expected for the South Island.