Two teenagers and one man have been arrested following an incident yesterday during which a police dog was kicked and an officer assaulted in a Hamilton suburb.

Police responded to an incident on Avalon Dr, Nawton shortly before midnight after reports of two female teenagers allegedly robbing and assaulting three women. It is believed the women had been walking along the road when they were approached by the teenagers.

Following the alleged assault, two of the women were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Before police could arrive at the scene the teenagers had taken off with several items including cigarettes, wallets and bank cards belonging to the women. A police dog handler and police dog were among the first officers to arrive at the scene.


Senior sergeant Greg Foster of the Waikato police said the dog tracked the offenders to an address where the females, aged 17 and 19-year-old, were found among a group of people drinking in a carport area.

"When police made inquiries at the carport, they were met with resistance from occupants and one in particular became violent towards police including kicking out at a police dog. It was nothing that was even going to cause any injuries to the dog," he said.

"There was [also] a minor assault on police when he resisted arrest but he was quickly restrained and [the] situation was controlled."

Mr Foster said the man was an associate of the females. He was charged with obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and assault on a police dog.

The man was expected to appear in the Hamilton District Court today.

The two females were also arrested and charged in relation to the robbery.

Earlier yesterday evening police attended another incident during which a brawl broke out between police and an offender they were trying to arrest.

It occurred just after 5pm when police attempted to pull a male driver over after his manner of driving drew their attention.

A brief pursuit ensued when the man refused to pull over but it was quickly called off due to the risks involved.

"It was obvious pretty quickly that is was going to be dangerous so police abandoned [the pursuit]," he said.

"Then police made inquiries at an address in Nawton and located the vehicle and it was during the process of impounding that vehicle that the occupant of a neighbouring address took exception to what police were doing and became abusive and violent towards the attending police officers."

He said police attempted to use pepper spray but the offender, a 29-year-old male, continued to assault police. A Taser was then used but was ineffective at subduing the offender. The man was eventually overpowered when more officers arrived at the scene.

The man was due to appear in Hamilton District Court today.

Mr Foster said the driver had been arrested earlier and without incident.