A man was stabbed 20 times with a screwdriver after being attacked by a man who accused him of sleeping with his ex-partner.

Acting Detective Sergeant Wayne Boyd told Fairfax a 38-year-old man allegedly went to a home in Sinclair St, New Brighton, last night armed with a screwdriver and attacked a man who had apparently been sleeping with his ex-partner.

The victim suffered about 20 stab wounds to his face, neck and arms before another man living at the property intervened.

"The flatmate drove the offender from the address to try and defuse the situation. While he was driving away [the offender] stabbed him as well," Boyd said.


"He drove off the road while he was being stabbed and deliberately crashed," he told Fairfax

The victim managed to escape from the vehicle and ran down Main North Rd where he was picked up by a former policeman and taken to the Papanui Police Station.

The offender drove away in the car and was arrested at another property later in the night. He was charged with two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily and would appear in Christchurch District Court on Monday.

The first victim remained in Christchurch Hospital undergoing scans, Boyd said. The second victim was treated and discharged.

Mr Boyd said the second victim suffered about 10 stab wounds to the shoulder.

A neighbour of the victims said police had been coming and going from the property all morning.

He saw one man "gingerly" walking from his house with his left hand in bandages.

The man, who declined to be named, never heard any noises last night and only noticed a police car in the driveway about 6am today.

He was surprised to hear of the incident as the street and the occupants who live in the house were fairly quiet.

An unmarked police van has also just turned up to the scene, he says.