Four on-licences were caught selling alcohol to minors in a police sting last night - one minor as young as 15.

Police in the Auckland city district targeted eight places.

The four premises - in Ellerslie, Panmure and Newmarket - will be prosecuted under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. Their cases will be heard by the Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority.

Last night's operation comes just a month after five premises in the western area of Auckland city district, sold alcohol to minors in a separate operation.


"It's really disappointing and frustrating that we continue to have premises seemingly flout the law and their obligations," said Inspector Gary Davey, Auckland city police district prevention manager.

Inspector Davey said only one of the four premises which sold alcohol to minors last night requested identification. The identifications clearly showed the minors' ages.

"The message needs to start getting through - if you sell alcohol to minors you will be dealt with in the strongest way possible," he said.