To those Auckland drivers who think it good practice to use their fingers or hands to indicate which way they are turning at roundabouts and intersections - try using something called an indicator.


A big "well done" to train staff and security personnel on the Southern and Eastern lines. I have noticed an increase in anti-social behaviour, including fare dodgers and vandals. Staff are always polite, firm and visible. It's a shame there seem to be more and more passengers/loiterers who have no respect for others or their property.



Before you are too quick to shame Miriam, the majority of those right-hand lane drivers are lucky to hit 80km/h. That's the frustration.


Sincere thanks to the wonderful shopworkers and the two caring, young St John women who helped yesterday when I took ill at Albany. Most appreciated.


The driver who steered his heavily loaded truck from Old North Rd, Kumeu, into Deacon Rd using only his left hand is an idiot. He was having a conversation on a phone clamped to his ear with his right hand. Luckily for him I was not in a position to see his number plate.


To blue-car guy in Conifer Grove who noticed the pit bull dart across the road at my two pooches - thank you so much for stopping and running to help. Thankfully the owner drove up when he did. Hope your mum enjoyed the feijoas.

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