A Christchurch mother is demanding action, claiming her daughter's high school isn't doing enough to stem bullying.

Rora said her 13-year-old daughter was physically assaulted outside Linwood College last week.

Students also punched her, held her down and cut her hair while in class.

Despite meeting with the deputy principal about the incident she's not happy with the way it's been handled and says the school isn't taking it seriously.


"They're trying to deal with it, and they're talking to all the students, saying how serious the matter is. But there should be more consequences to that sort of extent of assault."

Rora said she was told the school can only stand perpetrators down for a day, which she thinks is not good enough.

However, Linwood College is standing behind its management of the situation and says it acknowledges how serious the case is.

The school is adamant it followed proper procedure - her broken glasses were replaced, the school began investigating and police were contacted.

Principal Richard Edmundson said police advised the families to run their own restorative meeting and the two girls met with the deputy principal.

The perpetrator was interviewed, stood down and eventually moved classes.

Richard Edmundson said they followed strong process and involved the family at all times.