Hoons have destroyed the graves of a Hastings woman's grandparents, and a Northlander who acted as a "taxi service" used in the manufacture of meth is jailed for eight years. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A Hastings woman has been left heartbroken after seeing a photo on Facebook showing her grandparents' graves desecrated by hoons.

A Northlander who acted as a "taxi service" by dropping off people and supplies used in the manufacture of a substantial amount of methamphetamine has been jailed for more than eight years.

Wairarapa is the rural option for the international students, not like Auckland where it's just one city to another. Alastair Scott, Wairarapa MP A team of Wairarapa educators and leaders last week hosted some international student agents on a tour to showcase the district and their schools.


Tauranga became a jazz hub this weekend, drawing people to the sunny city from all over the country for the 54th year of the National Jazz Festival.

Train enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes have been truly entertained at the annual Rotorua Model Train Show. Along with the model trains, about 30 trucks, from heavy tow trucks to fire engines, logging trucks and general haulage trucks of all makes and models, were on display.