The man behind a fake foul-mouthed road rage video said he was trying to make a point about copyright issues.

Steve, who would not give the New Zealand Herald his full name, posted the clip on YouTube under the name Samanthapants. The footage, which featured a woman yelling death threats from a passing car as it drove behind cyclists, was picked up by several news outlets earlier this month.

The video, published in on March 14, has had over 85,000 views and is inlaid with ads.

Police had told him they were investigating the video, Steve told the Herald. However, he visited Wellington Central Police Station yesterday and was unable to get an update on any investigation. Police were unable to comment on the case today.

Steve told the Herald he worked in media but did not want to divulge details about his business.

The footage, of cyclists riding near Taupo with a woman yelling death threats from a passing car, was being investigated as a hoax for paid clicks online, Fairfax has reported.