A French tourist fell victim to petty thieves who ransacked her vehicle after she crashed on Taylorville Rd on Saturday afternoon.

The woman, who was the sole occupant, lost control of her car on a bend and the vehicle ended up hitting a bank.

Police said there was some delay in having her vehicle towed and while she was at Grey Base Hospital receiving treatment for lacerations, an opportunist thief stopped at the crash scene.

"Someone has stopped at the vehicle and broken into it and stolen personal possessions," acting senior sergeant Paul Watson said.


Anyone who might have seen a person or people at the crash scene is urged to contact police.

Police are making further inquiries today after an incident with a southbound vehicle on State Highway 69, between Inangahua Junction and Reefton, on Friday evening.

Mr Watson said bottles were thrown by occupants of the vehicle as it was travelling towards Reefton. Police had the registration details of the vehicle involved.