No criminal charges will be laid against police who shot Slovakian man David Cerven dead in Myers Park in August last year.

In a release today, police confirmed the two officers involved in the shooting would not be charged and the criminal investigation was complete.

Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson said another investigation looking into police practice, policy and procedure was ongoing.

"Police consider the actions of officers justified applying Section 48 of the Crimes Act to the circumstances surrounding this case," he said.


Cerven was shot dead in Myers Park on August 2, 2015.

He was unarmed when he was shot, with the coroner reporting that it was "currently reasonable cause to believe the death was self-inflicted, though this is in no way a concluded view on the matter."

A spokesman from the Independent Police Conduct Authority said an investigation into the shooting was progressing well, but would not be completed until the mid-2016.