A motorcyclist who "thought that travelling at 47m a second on SH2 in heavy traffic would be fun" has been shamed online by police.

The Waikato Road Policing Team last night posted a photo of a speed radar reading of 169km/h on their Facebook page, with an out-of-focus motorcyclist parked in the background.

The reading - for which the motorcyclist could be charged with careless, dangerous or reckless driving and have their licence immediately suspended for 28 days - meant the motorcyclist was zooming across the equivalent of 47 metres of tar-seal a second.

"Yesterday, there were a LOT or motorcyclists heading to Paeroa for the Battle of the Streets, and for the most part riders were riding safely. Not everyone though. One rider thought that travelling at 47m a second on SH2 in heavy traffic would be fun," the post on the Facebook page read.


The post went on to note another rider, travelling from Paeroa, was seriously injured in a crash near Te Aroha at 3.15pm yesterday.

"Initial indications are that he crashed. (*mindblown). So you see; the police enforce speed limits, driver licences and vehicle standards among other things. The NZTA [New Zealand Transport Agency] build more forgiving roads and encourage people to drive sober, and slower, and more socially.

"And police, fire and ambulance pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong. But road safety is everyone's responsibility. Drive safely team."