Police were justified in shutting down two out-of-control parties in Hamilton, the police watchdog has found.

Multiple complaints were laid about the police's actions after the parties on Wellington St, in Hamilton on January 17.

However, in a report released this morning, the Independent Police Conduct Authority concluded police "took appropriate steps to disperse the crowds of partygoers and were justified in arresting four people".

It also found police were justified in using "reasonable force" to carry out the arrests.


But police were not justified in using force against a woman by pushing her with a shield as she did not pose a genuine risk to police at that time, the authority found.

The woman had not attended the party and was looking for her son, who had called her in distress.

Police also failed to provide one of the people they arrested with a blanket and a phone call while in custody.

Waikato district commander Superintendent Bruce Bird said police who attended the parties received physical and verbal abuse from a large number of intoxicated people.

"In both instances police had the consent of the occupier to close down the parties and we did so in accordance with our policy around out-of-control gatherings," Mr Bird said.

"In these tense situations we don't always get it right and we accept the IPCA findings in relation to the use of force used by one of my officers, and the failure to provide a blanket and a phone call to a person in custody.

"We acknowledge that we made errors but overall, given the complexity of the challenge of managing these volatile situations driven by alcohol, I'm pleased that my staff once again demonstrated high levels of professionalism."