A campaigner is hoping to get at least a million Kiwis to "Shake the 'Net" with an online tribute in remembrance of the fifth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake.

Becky Siame, the founder of social media tool Get Behind It, wants New Zealanders to post a message on their social media walls at 12.51pm on February 22 -- the exact time the earthquake hit.

The message is: "Remembering the fallen and their families at 12:51pm, 22 Feb '11. Kia Kaha Christchurch! We will not forget!"

A "virtual flash mob" would hopefully result, Ms Siame said.


"When we say something together, our voices are louder and the synergy of our actions more powerful," she said.

"If all New Zealand spoke on social media at the same time, what would be the impact on the rest of the world?"

Ms Siam believed it would be a unique way for Kiwis to stand together.

"For too long Cantabrians have been victims at the mercy of each and every shake that occurs in that beautiful part of New Zealand.

"Now it's time for New Zealanders all over the world to rise up and 'Shake back' in support of them.

"We are not asking for money, just a small action of support that will take less than the two minutes it took for the earthquake to devastate New Zealand.

"We are not expecting to break the net like Kim Kardashian's butt but we can certainly 'Shake the 'Net' together as a nation that stands up for the things we care about."

A 5.7 magnitude quake struck Christchurch yesterday, just over a week before the anniversary of the initial 6.3 quake which killed 185 people and injured thousands.

• Go to getbehindit.nz/christchurch for more information about "Shake the 'Net".