Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders had stunning wins in New Hampshire.

Trump obliterated the Republican field. Trump returned 34 per cent against second-placed John Kasich, on 16 per cent.

The result needs to be kept in perspective - it's less than 1 per cent of the delegates who go to the national conventions.

It's all about trends, though, and Trump is trending up.


Watch for the dirt trackers to toss in the towel. Chris Christie, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have no show.

Jeb Bush will hang in there because he can, he's got the money, but he is floundering. He will go eventually.

It's Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the Republican race. Rubio is now on the ropes after a dismal debate the other night. It could come down to just Trump v Cruz.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton was humiliated. Sanders got 57 per cent, Clinton 41 per cent.

The Sanders margin will have the Clinton dynasty in turmoil.

Sanders has the momentum. The 74-year-old is locking in the younger demographic.

The young love Sanders, Sanders is utopia - free tertiary education, forgoing student loans, free health care, the young love "free".

Sanders, of course, is unelectable so Clinton will likely win the nomination.

Beached as

Gareth Morgan's offer to make a substantial contribution towards the Gift Abel Tasman Beach campaign hasn't gone down well.

Morgan wants exclusive use of the land and beach until his family grow tired of it, but will give the public access to the beach.

Some see this as Morgan trying it on - buying a beach on the cheap subsidised by public contributions. I think its fair criticism, even though a lot of it is simply anti-Gareth.

It is understandable that pledgers are threatening to withdraw their money. They pledged because they want the beach in public ownership, not some sort of tricky dicky deal.

However, I think Morgan's intent was genuine. He just wants to protect public access to the beach and spit.

Calls for taxpayers to pick up the tab for this small parcel of land and sandspit are misguided.

It's already in private ownership and nobody has been complaining. People can obviously get to the beach now.

New Zealand is littered with land that has riparian rights. This is no different.

I doubt the owner will sell for $2 million - not when they have this public clamour to buy the place.

Why is he still here?

This country's justice system continues to be a laughing stock.

Yesterday, Justice Raynor Asher stalled Kim Dotcom's extradition by allowing an appeal in August.

It's possible Dotcom and his co-accused could still be here in a year.

It's a farce.

The court has already ruled that there is a case to answer for copyright violation, money laundering and racketeering charges brought by the US government.

It has been established that a prima facie case exists - end of story.

Our courts are not the place to argue Dotcom's guilt or innocence, the US just has to establish there is a case to answer.

This case was simple, Judge Judy would've had it done and dusted in five minutes flat.