A grandmother attacked by a dog in South Auckland yesterday remained in a surgical ward in a stable condition today, a Middlemore Hospital spokeswoman said.

A woman yesterday shared gruesome images of her grandmother's savaged leg after the dog attack.

Kylee Watt posted the images on Facebook, saying her grandmother was attacked in Waiuku on Waitangi Day.

The photos show an open wound on the woman's leg, with her foot covered in blood.
A second photo taken later shows large bruises and a large gash on the woman's shin.


"The owner and his mate just left her to bleed," the post said.

The leg of a Waiuku woman after she was attacked by a dog. Photo / Facebook
The leg of a Waiuku woman after she was attacked by a dog. Photo / Facebook

"The police and dog control won't do anything! Which is so NOT RIGHT."

The post has been shared on Facebook more than 4000 times.

A St John spokeswoman confirmed to the Herald that they attended an incident about 1.15pm on Saturday involving a 68-year-old female.

When they arrived she was in a moderate condition, and was transported to Middlemore Hospital.

The Herald understands that police were contacted about the attack once the victim was in hospital, and they referred the incident to animal control services.

Auckland Council field animal management services manager Geoff Keber said the agency did not receive any contact from the victim or her family after the attack on Saturday.

"The team were advised indirectly about the attack and have now made contact with the victim's family.

"An Animal Management Officer has been dispatched to the family address to get a clear understanding of what happened. Enquiries are continuing."

Mr Keber said the council "sympathise with the victim and understand that an attack can be extremely distressing and frightening".

A spokeswoman said police had contacted the victim's family, but had been unable to speak with the injured woman directly.

Until they could positively identify the dog involved, police suggested the family spoke to Auckland Council's animal control unit.