A Labour MP has lent his support to a street racer accused of lying to the police and asked a court not to convict the man.

Trevor Mallard made the request to the Hutt Valley District Court, where the man, who has name suppression, is due for sentencing this month, Fairfax reported.

The man, 24, has been convicted of driving at up to 210 km/h on State Highway 2 in Lower Hutt, but is also accused of lying to the police by saying he wasn't driving and someone had stolen his car.

Mr Mallard wrote his letter of support on Labour Party letterhead, saying: "This is a young man with tremendous potential and my request is that his years of study not be negated by a conviction on the fake statement charge."


The MP told Fairfax he knew the man's family and it wasn't inappropriate for an MP to provide references to the courts.

"Probably three or four families would approach me for assistance in criminal matters, for each letter I provide."