New Zealanders will choose whether to ditch the flag in just over a month, but that prospect appears unlikely according to a new poll.

A Newshub/Reid Research poll has revealed that only 30 per cent of voters want the new blue and black silver fern design.

Sixty-one per cent said they did not want a change. The alternative flag design has put off some voters who want change but do not like the chosen design, and 16 per cent will vote for the current flag, despite being broadly supportive of a flag change.

Debate about a flag change is intensifying ahead of the second referendum, which starts on March 3.


Prime Minister John Key is displaying the alternative flag on the gate of his Parnell home, and Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon has flown it outside his home for several months.

Other high-profile Kiwis are not so impressed. Actor Sam Neill has said he is sticking with the old flag, tweeting that he could not vote for "the beach towel" alternative design.