Capri Everitt is singing her way around the world in 80 anthems.

The 11-year-old Canadian is in New Zealand to perform our national anthem as part of a quest to sing 80 anthems in 80 countries.

She is raising money for SOS Children's Villages International, a charity that builds villages for orphaned or abandoned youngsters.

Today, Capri sang God Defend New Zealand in both Te Reo Maori and English at the Tamaki Herenga Waka Festival in Auckland."I love how the anthem represents the Maori culture," she said.


"Compared to other anthems around the world it's a little bit easier because half of it is in English, it's not the longest anthem and it's very phonetic. It's also a bit slower than some of the other ones."

The youngster is being accompanied on the nine-month journey by her family, and her mother, Kerrie, says they received a warm reception when Capri performed in Auckland.

"The crowd got really excited, seeing a Canadian girl singing in their language. It was really cool."

Capri will sing the national anthem in the national language of each of the 80 countries she will be visiting, and plans to invite as many local children as possible to sing with her.

"The greatest challenge is the different languages. You've got to make sure you pronounce everything correctly. It takes a lot of practice."

New Zealand is stop number 24 of the tour, Capri's first foray into the Pacific after making her way through South America.