Three firefighters are being treated for lime burn injuries after tackling a shed fire in the Waikato today.

Te Aroha firefighters were called to the blaze on Seddon Rd just before midday.

Fire northern communications manager Colin Underdown said he believes the firefighters suffered minor injuries and an ambulance was being called as a precautionary measure.

Lime was stored in the shed and somehow the firefighters suffered burns during the process of putting the fire out.


Waikato assistant area commander Darryl Papesch said the building which was on fire contained lime, which is a corrosive chemical used for a variety of purposes including making fertiliser and building roads.

Mr Papesch said the Hamilton brigade's Hazmat -- or hazardous goods -- unit was sent out to decontaminate the firefighters to ensure they got all the lime off them.

"If it gets on your skin it just burns, it's quite corrosive."