A Christchurch cattery is reportedly refusing to refund two families, despite losing their cats and offering no explanation.

Christchurch resident Chris Clemett doesn't know what happened to his cat Molly, left in the care of Becci Jane's cattery in Bryndwr over the New Year break.

He says he's been told a variety of scenarios from the owner about how the cat went missing, including one story about the cat getting stolen.

He paid a cattery more $300 to take care of his two cats, but only one was returned.


He says it's an emotional rollercoaster for him and his wife, who desperately want her returned.

Mary Anne Rogers' cat Daisy was also missing when she went to pick her up yesterday.

She said she had a weird feeling something was wrong, after the owner sent her some strange text messages over the break.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin said they may have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, but in terms of who can manage a cattery ... the rules seem a bit loose.

Ms Chetwin said the owner would only have had to register with the Christchurch City Council her intentions to run her business as a cattery.