CCTV footage has emerged of a brutal bar fight in central Auckland, during which one man smashed the face of another into his drink.

The fight happened at Father Ted's bar in Wellesley St.

According to police, two men were in the bar with friends when a stranger "made an advance" on one of their girlfriends about 11.50pm on July 24 last year.

"Her boyfriend intervened but was then punched in the back of his head and had his head shoved into his drink," said police in a post on the Auckland Police Facebook page.


"His friend then stepped in but was assaulted several times, knocked to the ground and assaulted further before his attacker left the bar."

Both the men were injured.

"As a result of the attack, the second victim received multiple facial injuries, while the woman's boyfriend received a cut to his left eyebrow and swelling to the back of his head."

Police want to hear from anyone who could help to identify the man whose face is featured in the screen grab from the CCTV footage.

"He may be a foreign national from Australia or Russia."

Detective Adam Bicknell said any information from the public about the incident would be a huge help, as other avenues of inquiry had not revealed any information.

Information can go to Detective Adam Bicknell on (09) 213-8184, at or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111.