An alleged burglar was arrested after several calls from the public about his bad driving, police say.

The 24-year-old forbidden driver was caught under the influence and with stolen goods in the car, which had been linked to a burglary and a collision, police said.

It came after numerous calls about the behaviour of a man driving a Subaru car in Ngaruawahia around 5.30pm yesterday.

Police were called to the scene, and came across the car on Great South Rd, Horotiu, but the driver refused to pull over, Waikato district road policing manager Inspector Freda Grace said.


Four people were in the car at the time.

The driver then tried to manoeuvre on to State Highway 1 Mangaharakeke Dr and drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid police, Mrs Grace said, but officers managed to stop the car.

The driver was caught after he attempted to flee on foot.

The police then realised the man was linked to more than just bad driving, Mrs Grace said.

"As they processed him for excess breath alcohol and his failing to stop, another complaint was linked to the car he was driving being involved in a collision on the nearby SH23, between Raglan and Hamilton," she said.

"A further complaint linked a near collision with the man's car being on the wrong side of the road in Ngaruawahia, and the burglary of a home on Ngaruawahia's Waipa Esplanade.

"A search of the car ended up in the recovery of a game console, television and frozen meat taken in the burglary."

The man now faces a raft of charges.

His arrest showed the importance of complaints about bad driving to the police, Mrs Grace said.

"Yesterday's arrest highlights the value of the public seeing something and doing something."

She added: "We encourage the public to report offending not just on our roads, but in our community as well, by ringing 111 or *555 to report driving complaints. Your eyes and ears can help us reduce crime."