The wife of a man killed by a motorist going at more than 100km/h in a 50km/h zone says her husband's death was a waste of life and has labelled the driver "an idiot".

Pedestrian Ron Millman, 67, was killed instantly on April 25 when Alek Acharya lost control of his car and swerved onto the pavement.

The 22-year-old had just fought with his girlfriend at home before she went for a walk. He chased her down on an arterial road in New Plymouth and when she wouldn't get in the car, the salesman took off "at speed", according to a report by Coroner CJ Devonport released today.

Mr Acharya sped through a 50km/hr zone, drove on the wrong side of the road while overtaking two cars, narrowly avoided a collision with an oncoming car before careering onto the footpath and slamming into Mr Millman.


Mr Acharya and Mr Millman both died at the scene.

Mr Millman's widow, Lorraine, told the Herald today that the driver was "just an idiot who lost control".

"There was no question that it should never have happened. He's been stolen."

On the day he died, Mr Millman took his two grandchildren, aged 6 and 8, to the local Anzac Day dawn service, then went to watch his mates play their annual Anzac Day rugby match.

He was heading to the dairy to get his weekly Lotto ticket when he was killed.

When he was more than three hours late getting home, Mrs Millman started to worry. Then two police officers knocked on her door.

Mr Millman's death has meant that for Mrs Millman, the meaning of Anzac Day has changed. As well as remembering those lost in the service of the country, she would remember her husband and their time together.

She vowed to continue his tradition of taking their grandchildren to a dawn service.


In the weeks following the crash, Mrs Millman took flowers to the spot where the crash happened, but lately she's not been able to find the strength and avoids the area altogether -- a challenge because Frankley Rd is a major arterial road in New Plymouth.

"It's been up and down. I have good days and bad days. But not so good now because of Christmas coming on."

Mrs Millman has chosen not to speak to the family of Mr Acharya because they, too, lost a loved one.

"If he'd survived, I would have expected an apology or something but they've lost somebody," the widow said.

Since Mr Millman's passing, the father and grandfather has been posthumously awarded a New Plymouth Citizens' Award for volunteering with the Fire Service for 40 years. Mr Millman also worked for the New Plymouth District Council for 51 years.

"He was a wonderful man and he didn't deserve to go that way," Mrs Millman said.

Mrs Millman has read the coroner's report into her husband's death and said she found comfort in knowing that her husband died instantly and didn't suffer.