More shocking footage has emerged from inside New Zealand's prisons, this time apparently showing drug use, homemade alcohol and inmates using an officers' walkie-talkie.

The footage was reportedly filmed by an inmate at Auckland's Mount Eden prison who then sent it to media.

The video comes just days after footage emerged of organised fight clubs operating — also reportedly inside Mount Eden prison.

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Among the behaviour in the latest video includes a group of inmates sat in a cell around a bucket of hooch, and, a prisoner using a light fitting as a makeshift cigarette lighter which he used to smoke drugs.

One prisoner is also seen holding an officer's walkie-talkie and while pretending to be a guard, manages to call for security back-up.

Private firm Serco runs the prison on a contract from the Department of Corrections.

The fight club videos have already sparked calls for Serco and Corrections to be investigated.

Chief executive of Corrections, Ray Smith, has said the latest footage will be included to a review of prison activity and how correctional facilities are being run.