Mayor Len Brown has just posted on Twitter that he has referred his poor choice of parking in a cycle lane yesterday to Auckland Transport "asking for it to be treated the same way as any such case".

A spokesman for the Mayor said today: "The Mayor referred the matter to Auckland Transport and asked that it be treated in the same way as any other such case. Our understanding is that is exactly what is happening".

The tweet comes 24 hours after he was snapped parking across a cycle lane and issued an apology on social media. Some Twitter users criticised the apology for being too casual.

The Herald


revealed that his actions were illegal, but police said it was up to Auckland Transport to enforce any infringement action.Mayor Len Brown has been snapped parking across a cycle lane on a busy Auckland road - and his flippant apology on social media has created outrage.

Mr Brown was photographed by a Herald reader being interviewed on Carlton Gore Rd yesterday morning.

The car he travelled to the interview in is parked across a cycle lane.

It is an electric car with Auckland Council branding and is next to a recharge station.

Photos clearly show the car was blocking most of a bike lane.

The Herald asked Mr Brown for an explanation and he waited an hour before responding, posting an "apology" on Twitter and Facebook.

Mr Brown refused to answer specific questions about the situation including whether he thought it was OK for people to block cycle lanes.

When asked for further comment on the matter Mr Brown's spokesman Glyn Jones said: "The tweet and Facebook post answer all your questions. The test drive and refill of the EV was covered by media."


The post was met with incredulity on social media.

"If the mayor can park in a bike lane, then I can too right?" said a member of the Facebook group Bike lanes are for bikes.

• Juliet Williams said: " Parking illegally and showcasing it isn't really a great call..."

• "Just stopped at Manukau City for a burger. Can't be bothered looking for a park, briefly impinging on the disabled parking," Barry Morgan wrote.

• Said Angus McGyver: Leading by example I see. Find a park somewhere else! Bike lanes are for bikes."

• "It's only safety involved. No worries. As long as you're ok," Bryce Pearce replied.

Others raised questions about the position of the filling station.

• "Doesn't that demonstrate that the charging station has been placed without any consideration for the design of the rest of the road environment?" said James Fluker.

He might be making light of his parking faux pa, but Mayor Len Brown has technically broken the law by parking across the cycle lane.

But police will not be taking action as Auckland Council are the lead authority for parking infringements in the city.

A police spokesman told the Herald, in response to seeing the photograph of Mr Brown's car parked across a cycle lane: "It is an offence under the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 to park in a special vehicle lane which includes cycle lanes."

He added that whether a motorist was charged with the offence depended on specific circumstances and road design.

"Auckland Council has the lead for parking enforcement in the city we would refer you to them for any further comment."

Councillor Dick Quax made fun of Mr Brown on Twitter