It turns out Papakura is the place for seals to hang out, with the third seal to have been spotted in the area in just two weeks.

The latest culprit was spotted this morning, on Inlet Road, near the local Pak'n Save.

However, the Department of Conservation reported its jaunt in the suburb was rather short-lived and the seal is now back in the Awhitu Peninsula.

Marine ranger, Yuin Khai Soong, said while the large pup was pretty chilled out, it showed some spunk when he herded it back into the crate for transport.


"It got a little snarly, when I approached or made moves to touch it," he said.

Just last week another seal frequented the suburb, on both Monday and Tuesday, before it was apprehended at a Papakura car wash.

Later in the week a baby seal was also spotted at the Ray Small Park, before it too was released back into the sea.

Mr Soong said it was pretty normal for seals to pop out of the water onto land at this time of year.

"It's not unheard of for the odd pup to explore and get a little lost."

He added members of the public shouldn't be concerned about seeing seals out and about, unless it was obviously injured or at risk of injury.