A 14-year-old Auckland boy who punched a bus driver in the head, putting him in need of reconstructive surgery, is understood to have been expelled from his school.

The boy, who was suspended by Selwyn College principal Sheryll Ofner after the attack outside the school on Monday afternoon, was called to a disciplinary meeting with its board of trustees yesterday.

Although neither Ms Ofner nor board chairman the Rev Richard Ward returned calls from the Weekend Herald last night, the boy posted on his Facebook page that he had been expelled.

The boy also gloated on Monday evening, saying, "You asked for it motha f****", but added later that night, "Yeah I f***** up but who doesn't - I know that didn't give me the right to 'hit him' but I've learnt my lesson."


Although the first comment attracted 53 "likes", another of his 2500 or so Facebook friends received 74 "likes" for posting: "Don't think your tough for punching an innocent bus driver in the face bro and getting kicked out of Selwyn."

Tramways Union president Gary Froggatt was shocked to be told last night of some of the boy's Facebook comments.

"It's just totally unacceptable and is not going to help his future," he said.

"The driver was considering some form of restorative justice but attitudes like that on social media are not conducive to helping the situation."

Police confirmed on Wednesday that they were investigating the incident and that a 14-year-old pupil had been referred to their Youth Aid section.

Mr Froggatt last spoke to the bus driver on Thursday, soon after he arrived home from a doctor's appointment at which he was told he would need reconstructive surgery because of bone fragments in his cheek.

The driver, who had reported the boy to NZ Bus before Christmas for swearing at him after being ordered off his bus for eating fish and chips, also suffered a fractured eye socket in Monday's attack while he was in his seat issuing fare tickets to other students.

- additional reporting: Kirsty Johnston