An organisation that houses Maori and Pasifika students so they are in zone for Auckland Grammar School will run a similar scheme for a nearby girls' school.

Next month 15 girls will move in to their new home at 33 Owens Rd ahead of their first year at Epsom Girls Grammar School.

The InZone Education Foundation's boys' residence - just up the road at number 99 - has been running since 2011 and has received high-profile backing from Prime Minister John Key and others.

Students performed a televised haka outside Mr Key's house on election night to mark National's victory.


The foundation offers poorer families a way around Mt Eden's booming property market by housing their children near the two schools.

Director Terrance Wallace has been searching for some time for a suitable site for the girls' home.

Patricia Power, the owner of 33 Owens Rd, decided to lease the six-bedroom, 1908 home to InZone well below market rates and for residential purposes.

Mrs Power said she and her husband lived nearby and a main incentive in purchasing the property about 12 years ago was to ensure the survival of the historic home, as developers were competing to buy the property at the time.

That was also a reason for the lease arrangement, as was an awareness of the success of InZone's boys' residence.

The foundation has held working bees to prepare it for the girls' arrival, but is still calling for volunteers.

There are plans to put additional buildings on the 1695sq m site to enable more girls to enrol in future years, and financial support is needed for this project and the increased day-to-day costs.

As with the boys' scheme, the girls' parents, who come from across the country, will need to sign over shared guardianship so they can legally live within zone.

Students living within a school's zone are guaranteed enrolment.

Mr Wallace said that step was talked about extensively in interviews, and parents were encouraged to consult a solicitor so they understood what it means.

"They still have rights as parents ... it is still ultimately their child so they get to make final decisions."

Both Grammar and EGGS have existing boarding houses, however compulsory fees and limited places and scholarships mean there is strong demand for InZone.

The academic performance of InZone's boys has been strong. Ten have now completed Year 13, all of them going on to further study, professional sports contracts or enrolment in the army and navy.

Four of the students are now in their second year of university in Auckland, with two studying medicine.

Mr Wallace said there was an ongoing relationship with all former students, and his next goal was to establish another home to support those who went on to further education in Auckland.

Q & A

What is InZone?

The InZone Education Foundation's Owens Rd residence houses Maori and Pasifika students so they are within zone for Auckland Grammar School. Another home, also on Owens Rd, will have 15 girls from next year, who will attend Epsom Girls Grammar School.

Who is behind the scheme?
InZone was established after Terrance Wallace, a youth pastor and community worker who was raised in Chicago, visited New Zealand in 2010. The programme has the support of both Auckland Grammar School and Epsom Girls Grammar School, and backers include Prime Minister John Key.

How is it funded?
While families are asked for a yearly amount, the reality is many do not pay. It costs about $10,000 a year to support each student and the foundation relies on donors and support from the ASB Community Trust and other organisations.

Information on how to support InZone can be found on the foundation's website: