Prime Minister John Key's office briefing notes have once again been accidentally sent to a reporter ahead of a media conference.

Mr Key's talking points on the Canadian Parliament shooting were this morning sent to the NewstalkZB newsroom.

In June, his briefing notes about a West Auckland shooting which revealed details previously not made public were mistakenly emailed to the same news outlet.

This time the notes were less revealing, and included the previously disclosed information that New Zealand's High Commission building that went into partial lockdown at the direction of local authorities the aftermath of the shooting.


The June mistake was made by someone in Mr Key's office but Mr Key said it was a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade staffer who had erroneously sent the notes to a reporter this time.

"At the end of the day I think you'd say it was unfortunate, but the reality as I understand it was an Mfat person who was putting together some briefing notes for me accidentally sent them to NewsTalkZB. Email systems have a habit of remembering email addresses and from time to time accidents or mistakes occur... It's just so easy to do."

Mr Key said most people appreciated he needed to be briefed "so that I can make sure the comments I make are accurate and backed up by the facts".

"I'm disappointed that the incident occurred and obviously Mfat will go away and have another look at that, but equally I wouldn't be wanting to hound the person out of the organization people make mistakes unfortunately."

Prime Minister John Key's media briefing notes on the Canadian Parliament shooting:

- I wish to extend New Zealand's condolences to the parliament and people of Canada

- This is a terrible act of violence. I'm sure in the coming day the detail behind the motivation of the attack will become clearer.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is monitoring the situation in Ottawa which is still evolving.


- Our High Commission building was among those that went into partial lockdown at the direction of local authorities.