Voting guide


Type in your electorate on the

to find your local voting station. You will need to cast a special vote if outside your electorate:

When: Between 9am and 7am tomorrow


How: If you have received an EasyVote card or a letter in the mail from the Electoral Commission, take this with you to the voting station as it will speed things up.

The issuing officer will give you your ballot paper and you will go into a private booth.

On your ballot paper, place a tick by the name of the political party of your choice and a tick by the name of the candidate you would most like to represent your electorate. You can vote for both or just one if you like.


Electorate vote:

The vote to choose your local member of Parliament

Party vote: The vote for the party you want to be form the Government

Making it to Parliament: A party must get at least 5 per cent of the party vote to get MPs into Parliament, or one of its candidates must win an electorate seat

Party list: Each party ranks its candidates in a list. List MPs make up a party's numbers in Parliament if needed.


Winning an electorate: Candidates who win an electorate are guaranteed a seat in Parliament. If their party fails to earn 5 per cent of the party vote, the number of seats in parliament are extended to accommodate them.

Parties which fail to make Parliament: A party which fails to reach the 5 per cent party vote threshold, and whose members fail to win any electorates have no representation in Parliament.

Election coverage:

will be reporting the results as they come in with live graphics and our politics team will offer expert analysis and comment

Newstalk ZB: From 7pm, election night will be hosted by Rachel Smalley, Larry Williams and Barry Soper

Radio NZ: From 7.04pm, a news special with the trends and results will be hosted by Kathryn Ryan, Guyon Espiner and guests


TV One: From 7pn until midnight, a Vote 2014 special will be hosted by Mike Hosking, Toni Street, Corin Dann, Simon Dallow, Heather Du Plessis-Allan and guest commentators

TV3: From 7pm, John Campbell and Duncan Garner will present an election special

Maori TV: Election special from 7pm, hosted my Mihingarangi Forbes