Prime Minister John Key says he believes his daughter should be off limits in any criticism of him as Prime Minister after a song by hip-hop band @peace referenced her.

Mr Key said it was just the latest in a string of attacks on his character and he did not want to dignify it with a response.

However, asked about sexual lyrics about his daughter he said she should be kept out of it.

"I think the vast bulk of New Zealanders would agree with me on that."


Asked if he had to alter any of his security arrangements because of a risk it might incite action against him, he indicated it was being revised.

"There's been a lot of things in recent times. I'm sure my people take that seriously, but we'll see how it goes."

He would not say if it bothered him personally and he did not intend to complain to Police.

"I just don't it's worth dignifying with a response. I think New Zealanders will look at it and make their own assessments."