The ex-prostitute who dug dirt for Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater offered up personal information about a top businessman and other high-profile public figures, according to details provided by a person who claims to have hacked the website.

The details also purport to show Slater contacting ACC Minister Judith Collins on behalf of Rachel Francis, the ex-prostitute friend, during which he asked for inside details on a privacy breach by the government agency.

The hacker's information formed the backbone of Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics, which painted the National Government as one willing to allow and enable attack politics through blogs.

A person claiming to be the hacker who took the information has also been in communication with the Herald and provided "dumps" of information from a January hack attack on Slater's computers.


The person made their first public comment on the scandal, saying: "This isn't politically motivated. I'm not paid to do this. I'm not associated with [Internet Party founder] Kim Dotcom in any way. I want to take down this corrupt network and make sure it can't be put back together. My next batch of leaks will prove this."

Included in the information sent to the Herald is years of social media conversations between Ms Francis, who has written two books about working in the sex industry, and Slater, in which he grills her for the personal and sexual secrets of those in positions of power.

In June 2011, according to the hacker's information, Slater wrote: "Now tell me ... current MPs ... rooting in brothels". Ms Francis suggested she introduce Slater by Facebook to someone currently in the sex industry.

Watch: Hager book: 'Key has a lot to answer for'

Journalist and author of Dirty Politics, Nicky Hager says "When you read the book you're going to find chapter after chapter of remarkable things that him (John Key) as leader of the party... he's got a lot to answer for."

"Right let's get digging," he wrote. "Time to let those pricks know they can be got. I want to take out some pollies."

A month later, Ms Francis said she was going through accounts from her time running a "club" and "there are some high [profile] people's accounts on there that will ping my memory".

Slater replied: "Oooohhh can I have the politicians please."

Ms Francis told Slater of a senior lawyer who "has his own history of trading his services for sexual favours with at least one of his clients".


Slater said, in relation to a court case, that if it did not go as she wanted, "things are going to get very bad for (the legal figure)".

Ms Francis also offered information about a top businessman. "Well, talking about him opens up a whole new jar of worms," Slater said.

The data showed she also offered a tip about a civic leader. Ms Francis said she would "go to the club where the chick works and get the proper info ... He is pushing his luck and there is some gos(sip) about his behaviour down the line."

Slater replied: "Yeah would be good to spike him ... "

Later that year, Ms Francis told Slater of the daughter of a former politician who worked in the sex industry. "I hear it is pretty juicy and the media will like it," she said.

Rachel Francis.

Slater also sought out information on people in the media, telling Ms Francis he wanted "any sleaze" on Duncan Garner, TV3's then political editor and now a RadioLive host.

"Sadly no," she responded.

"Scratch around please," Slater asked. "He is being a c**k and it is never wise to piss off the Whale."

In October 2013, Slater's blog - which has run since 2005 - published its only sex scandal to date, detailing Auckland Mayor Len Brown's extra-marital affair.

Writing to Ms Francis weeks after the election, he said: "Rattle your cages to see if Len rooted in brothels. I'd love a hooker to come forward and tell all about Lenny ... I want Len knocked over."

He urged her on for sleaze two months later when it became clear Mr Brown would stay on as mayor. "So Lenny the rooter ain't going anywhere. Time for some real murk. Have a chat to your contacts."

Slater was also able to help Ms Francis, according to the data. It shows him contacting his friend Ms Collins on the ex-prostitute's behalf the day the Dominion Post revealed ACC had sent details of 6700 ACC claimants to a client.

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"I wouldn't worry about it too much," said Slater. "But I'll tell you what I will do, I will call Collins and get the real story. Without the bullshit."

The data shows he rang back later that day, saying, "I spoke to the minister ... the woman [who was sent the ACC files in error] - and it is a woman - tried to extort and blackmail ACC."

However, a police investigation later found the woman had not committed any offence and there was no evidence provided by ACC to support the allegations.

According to the emails, Ms Francis sought out Slater's help resolving a dispute she and others were involved in. "I just need you to just sit there and watch the prick squirm."

She said she would "nail him" and "tell him to pay up and piss off and if you don't Whaleoil is going to expose you".

She told Slater: "I know that time is money and you have mouths to feed. Shouldn't take more than an hour ... let me know how much."

Slater replied: "Same as a hooker."

Ms Francis said: "$160 for consult then."

Slater said yesterday that Ms Francis was a friend and the conversations sent to the Herald were private.

He also said selected information had been released to paint a "lop-sided" picture. On his contacting Ms Collins, he said: "I found out what was actually ... as an overview ... released. I don't see any problem with making personal approaches."

On sex scandals, he said: "My view is politicians are venal and focused on their genitals most of the time."

Garner said Slater's behaviour was disgraceful. "I pissed him off when I said publicly he should get a job, take some pills and contribute to our society and he goes digging for dirt.

"First, I can't believe he couldn't find any - and secondly it's a pretty Mafia-style approach. It's a new low for New Zealand politics."

Ms Francis did not return calls for comment.

Key pressed on Collins connection

Mr Key was pressed about Ms Collins' relationship with Slater on TV3's Firstline this morning.

He told the show Ms Collins was one person Slater talked to, "but they are family friends and they've been friends for a very long period of time".

Asked if the Justice Minister should be so connected to someone like Slater, Mr Key said: "Well there are lots of people who talk to Cameron Slater. That's the reality. As he's always said, he runs his own blog, it's his own thing."

Mr Key was equivocal about whether the average person would like the Justice Minister's involvement with Slater.

"They may or may not, but they can also say that people have friendships. And there's nothing new here about their relationship with Cameron Slater, it's been known for a very long period of time.

"And in the end, this is a world that's pretty connected, where there are lots of people talking to lots of people."

Mr Key was also questioned on the relationship between Ms Collins and Aaron Bhatnagar - a National Party member and friend of Slater's who tipped the blogger off to the security hole in the Labour website.

Ms Collins had appointed Mr Bhatnagar to the Real Estate Agents Authority board last year.

"You didn't need a leaked set of emails and a book from the left-wing to know that -- actually Judith put out a press release," Mr Key said.

He was not sure if Mr Bhatnagar was still part of the National Party.

"I don't know what relationship he has with Cam, and I'm not really sure that Judith knows that. But look, at the end of the day, he's on the Real Estate Agents board, they [Labour] left the security off their site, people are going to look at things."

Mr Key stood by his stance that the emails were "selective" and an attempt to smear the government.

"We've never refuted actually that the emails were real, I don't think anyone's made that point."