A young Fijian man awaiting a kidney transplant is being sent home on Friday despite being here legally and raising money for his operation, Labour's Immigration spokesman Rajen Prasad says.

"Sanil Kumar, a skilled tradesman, hasn't been given the chance to have the operation in New Zealand at his own expense. Is the New Zealand immigration system now so heartless that even when there is no cost to the state, it is still insisting on returning a young man to almost certain death in a few months," Dr Prasad said.

Mr Kumar was in New Zealand legally and he couldn't have the operation in Fiji. His dialysis treatment was not available in Fiji and what was available was very expensive and a long way from his family home.

"Sanil Kumar has a kidney donor in his family and his community is busy raising the $130,000 needed for his transplant operation in New Zealand. His family is meeting all his expenses and he is not seeking any resources from the Government. His only request is not to be sent home on Friday and be given a grace period for him to continue receiving dialysis treatment in New Zealand. He also wants his support team to complete fund raising so that the operation can be performed," Dr Prasad said.


He called on Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse to be more responsive to such cases.

Comment was being sought from Associate Immigration Minister Nikki Kaye and Immigration New Zealand.