Excerpts from Willie Jackson and John Tamihere's "Amy" call on RadioLive.

WILLIE JACKSON: Right, right. And so - I mean, how do you see it? Do you - how do you see these boys? Do you think they're - no, no - have they - there's allegations of rape. Do you think that's true?
AMY: Personally, I think most of them is rape because the girls get that drunk that they don't have consent whatsoever, but then there's some girls that know it's going to happen and they know that that's what they're going to go and hang out with them for. But then it makes me sick to think that there's three girls on Facebook that are saying that they're going to the news to try and stick up for the boys and one of the girls is actually a victim.
JOHN TAMIHERE: Yeah, but see, here's the thing. I understand, Amy, what you're saying. If you call one of the girls a victim and she's on Facebook defending the boys, right?
AMY: Yeah.
JOHN TAMIHERE: How can she be a victim when she's a consenting individual in the behaviour?
AMY: Well, she used to say that she got raped from them and now because people know about it, she's going to try and stick up for them.
JOHN TAMIHERE: Now tell me this, how many - well, why is it that this has gone on for so long and you are adamant that rape has occurred and none of the girls have complained of rape to the police?
AMY: Can you please say that again?
JOHN TAMIHERE: Why is it that none of the girls have complained of rape?
AMY: I think it's because they're scared that other people are going to find out that it's happened to them.
JOHN TAMIHERE: You mean that they've had sex?
AMY: Yeah, and that they've had sex with people that are rapists or that are the Roast Busters.
JOHN TAMIHERE: You see, why is it that it's only taken you sort of like this arvo to sort of stand up to say hey, I say this happened? Were you subjected to or did you witness any of these acts yourself?
AMY: Someone that's very, very close to me actually did.
AMY: And I've tried to get her to go forward, but she doesn't want her name to be there, she doesn't want the guys to know that it's her going forward, and all that sort of stuff.
JOHN TAMIHERE: So you've got some that - and out of your own mouth, you've got some that you say were raped and some that went consensually, right?
AMY: Yeah.
JOHN TAMIHERE: Gosh, what a mess.
AMY: Like, I know someone that's had sex with one of the boys but has actually had consent to it, not being that drunk that she's had consent to it.
JOHN TAMIHERE: How free and easy are you kids these days out there? You know, like you were 14, yeah?
AMY: Fifteen, yeah. I think I was about 15.
JOHN TAMIHERE: Fifteen when you first had sex?
AMY: Oh, no,
JOHN TAMIHERE: Oh. Well, that's what we're hearing from Facebook and everything else, you see?
AMY: No, I wasn't 15.
JOHN TAMIHERE: Goodness me. So anyway, we - were the schools fully informed of this?