A majority of voters say Prime Minister John Key should work with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, according to tonight's TV3`s Reid Research poll.

And even more National voters support it.

The Prime Minister announced on January 21 that National was reversing its ban on post-election talks with New Zealand First, which it had for the 2008 and 2011 elections.

When asked if Mr Key should work with Mr Peters, 54 per cent said `yes, deal with him', and 36 per cent `no, rule him out'.


Of National voters, 61 per cent said `yes' and 32 per cent `no'. Ten per cent did not know.

The poll is the first major one for the year and the first since Mr Key's announcement.

New Zealand First registered a 1.5 point rise in party vote support to 5.7 per cent and if the poll were translated to an election result, it would hold the balance of power and determine the outcome of the next Government.

Mr Key polled 39 per cent as preferred Prime Minister, Labour leader David Cunliffe 10.8 per cent, and Mr Peters 5.8 per cent.