A New Plymouth district councillor has taken down a video of an altercation involving roadside window washers after being threatened by a family member of one of the men involved.

Councillor Murray Chong said he was driving through an intersection in New Plymouth's CBD yesterday when he witnessed an altercation between two roadside window washers and a van driver around 5.30pm yesterday.

He then filmed the incident on his iPhone.

During the video, one of the irate men approaches Mr Chong while he is filming, defending his profession.


"I'm a window washer...I don't smoke drugs bro," he says.

"I put food on my f****** family's table."

"I'll f****** kill you," he later threatens.

Police told 3News one of the window washers was aged 17. He was charged with common assault, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

The other washer was 15. He was charged with disorderly behaviour and would likely be referred to Youth Aid.

Mr Chong said he took the video off YouTube after being threatened by a family member of one of the two young men. However, the video had been reposted by other *YouTube account-holders. (*Language warning)

Mr Chong said he would not be laying any additional charges over the incident.

"The guys are in enough grief as it is, and they can't afford anything.


"The video that's out there - all I want to do is make sure is that people know that we don't need window washers."

The aggressive nature of some window washers "ruined it for everyone", Mr Chong said.

The council already had a by-law in place which ruled that people could not solicit business on a road, and another which stated people were not allowed to linger on a road, however they were rarely enforced, he said.

A statement on the council's website advised New Plymouth residents not to pay window washers.

The council received three to four complaints a week about the behaviour of the washers at intersections, and more washers were "cropping up" over summer, the statement said.