The body of a motorcyclist found north of Bulls this morning could have been lying undiscovered for several hours, police say.

The man died just off State Highway 1 north of Bulls on a straight stretch of road 2km north of the Manawatu town of Bulls.

Central District Policing Senior Sergeant Kris Burbery said the man's body, along with his bike, was discovered by a motorist in a section of bush just off the road about 7.20am yesterday.

"We know that [the victim] was in Taupo about midday on Sunday, so now we're just trying to determine exactly when the crash may have occurred.''


Given the ride between Taupo and the scene of the accident would take about 2-3 hours, the man could have been lying unnoticed for several hours.

"He was off the road near a tree. It wasn't really visible from the road,'' Mr Burbery said.

The man hadn't yet been identified but police were liaising with the family.

"We're just trying to fill in the gaps... one [fatality] is too many and we've got to remind people that these are not just numbers, they are people and they have family members and friends.''