Barbie and Ken step aside - Zelfs, Furbys and Moshi Monsters are likely to be at the top of children's Christmas wish lists this year.

Dunedin youngster Maya Satake (6) has the privileged task of assessing the latest products available through The Warehouse as one of four official toy testers for the company.

She has been sent a box of various toys each month since August and to date the troll-like characters Zelfs have been her favourite.

Maya has a Zelf salon, in which the miniature trolls get their fluoro hair twisted by a Venus flytrap.


She preferred medium-sized Zelfs, but also had large and small varieties, and recommended them as presents for girls her age.

Moshi Monsters, tiny collectable creatures, would also satisfy girls aged between 5 and 7, she said.

Those a bit younger might like Doc Mcstuffins - cute and cuddly characters suitable for 3-year-olds, Maya said.

She suggested the Nerf Rebelle crossbow for older girls and demonstrated the firing power available in pink and purple.

Other toys rated by Maya included make-it-yourself plastic jewellery, an Xbox and games, My Little Pony products and a Monster High Doll with blue hair, flashing bones and detachable legs.

Boys would enjoy playing with an interactive Angry Birds game which connected to iPads, and siblings could share a Disney Infinity Xbox game, Maya said.

As part of her toy tester role, Maya and her parents will soon travel to Disneyland, in the United States, after which they will spend Christmas with family in Canada before returning to Dunedin.

What did she want for Christmas?

''Kittens,'' she said.