One of the key players in the Len Brown sex scandal, Luigi Wewege, has emailed New Zealand media this morning to 'clarify' his role in the affair.

In an email sent to media this morning, he denied having a relationship with Mr Brown's former mistress Bevan Chuang, and said he stood by his actions in passing on information about her affair with the Auckland mayor.

Ms Chuang last night told TVNZ's Sunday programme revelations about the affair were used by mayoral candidate John Palino in a political campaign against Mr Brown - an accusation Mr Palino has denied.

Today, Mr Wewege, who worked for Mr Palino, said he wanted to "clarify'' his position in the scandal.


He said Ms Chuang told him "out of her own free will'' that she had been propositioned by the mayor.

"I did not know her motives for this revelation at the time. I did not believe her story and therefore I asked her to provide proof.

"I passed this information on to whom I believed to be appropriate at the time.''

He denied knowing the extent of Ms Chuang's allegations against Mr Brown after the story broke on a blog run by Cameron Slater.

"I did not send any photos to Stephen Cook to coerce any story from Bevan Chuang nor did I know of any claimed X-Rated venture,'' he said.

He also denied a claim by Ms Chuang the pair were involved romantically.

"I can appreciate Bevan Chuang trying to rehabilitate her image however I was never in a relationship with her.''

Mr Wewege apologised for "what some have viewed as an inappropriate lapse of time for a response''.


"I did not see an immediate need to discuss claims made by the media after the story went public as it was post-election and I was already transitioning into the next phase of my career.

"As for the personal attacks on my character I work hard on causes that I truly believe in, like any other political volunteer on a campaign and I stand by my decision to pass on information of what became known as Mayor Len Brown's two year affair.''

Mr Wewege said he had been "absolutely appalled'' by the lack of fact reported.

-Chuang's image tarnished after affair-

Auckland Mayor Len Brown's former mistress says her image has been tarnished and it will be hard to come back from being the "other woman".

In her first television interview since news of the affair broke last month, Bevan Chuang told TVNZ's Sunday programme about the fallout from the relationship.

"It's quite damaging, of course, with what people, of the image that people have about me. But as a friend of mine said at the very beginning, when you are being portrayed as the other woman, it's always harder to come back," she said.

"And it has been terribly public."

Ms Chuang said it was a "story of at least five men and a woman. And none of them came to my rescue when I needed them ... and all of them wanted something."

She said she had apologised to Mr Brown and his family.

"I know it's extremely difficult for the daughters. I mean, again, I come in a family where my father himself is a womaniser. And I understand how difficult it is for the children to get through it, and it's even harder when it's such a public affair.

"This is not naivety. This is foolishness. This is just stupid for me to actually [have] said what I said and have caused a lot of harm for the family."

Ms Chuang considered Mr Brown's family when she chose not to attend his swearing in as mayor last month.

"I don't think it's fair to cause that media frenzy, and it is his moment for him to be onstage and be the mayor and deliver that. I don't think it's fair.

"But also, of course, you know, I just don't really want to create the chaos, and ... it will be very difficult if I run into his family."