A new cross-agency web resource providing support to Kiwis affected by sexual abuse has been launched today.

The Harbour web portal, developed by several agencies including SAFE, HELP, Rape Prevention Education and Child Youth and Family, provides helpline numbers for immediate support for those affected by sexual abuse, as well as advice on how to identify and seek help in responding to concerning behaviour.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, who was at today's launch in Auckland, said The Harbour provided a "safe gateway to trusted, useful information".

It was "the result of another successful collaboration between government and non-government organisations", Ms Bennett said.


Jacqui Dillon of Safe Network, said the The Harbour addressed the reality that many people felt isolated or unsure about what they should do or where they could go when faced with issues of sexual abuse.

"The Harbour will be a resource for everyone affected by sexual abuse or offending, offering information and support from a single trusted source, rather than having to visit multiple different agency sites."

It is designed for use by people actually or potentially affected by sexual abuse, actual or potential offenders and people who may be concerned about the welfare of others," Ms Dillon said.

Services offered through the new portal would be rolled out across the country in coming months.

The Harbour can be visited at www.theharbour.org.nz