Police are urging motorists in south Auckland not to pay window washers, who they say are a dangerous hazard.

More than 20 complaints have been made to Counties Manukau Police already this month over the behaviour of window washers. Another 34 complaints were made last month.

"From a police perspective it would be helpful if motorists did not pay the window washers," said Counties Manukau Police Prevention Manager Inspector Richard Middleton.

"The window washers are a hazard at intersections and the activity should not be encouraged with payment."


Police and partner agencies including Auckland Council are looking to address the problem of window washers as soon as possible.

Without payment, police expect the window washers will be deterred and will "stop bothering motorists and putting themselves in the line of danger" by standing in traffic at busy intersections.

Regular police patrols at the most prominent intersections (Cavendish/Lambie and Cavendish/Great South Road) aim to move window washers along.

Motorists are advised to call police if any window washer acts aggressively or is behaving in a dangerous manner amongst traffic.