United Future leader Peter Dunne says all is well in his home life as he faces the Electoral Commission today over funding for his party.

Mr Dunne resigned as a minister this month after refusing to hand over emails to an inquiry into a leak of a GCSB report to Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance. Mr Dunne has denied leaking the report.

Yesterday he said he did not want to comment on those events because the Speaker was still considering a privileges complaint Labour laid against him.

Some had questioned the reasons for Mr Dunne's actions, and he said all was well with his home life despite that. "A lot of people have gone down a lot of roads that have been not very pleasant."


He visited Taupo over the weekend but said otherwise he spent most of the week moving into a smaller office. He was pleased most of his ministerial staff had found new jobs quickly, including some in his replacement's office - new Revenue Minister Todd McClay. "The hardest bit really of the last few weeks for me was contemplating what their futures might be. But what's done is done and we all move on."

Mr Dunne stands to lose about $186,325 a year in funding if his party cannot re-register quickly and the Speaker decides it no longer qualifies for extra funding provided to registered parties.