John Key says a report investigating who leaked the so-called Kitteridge report to the media will be made public.

The report detailed 88 cases of possible illegal spying by the GCSB.

Winston Peters has accused Peter Dunne under the protection of parliamentary privilege of leaking it.

Mr Key says he takes Mr Dunne at his word, and while the investigation will be released, he does not have any more information.


"In the end I commissioned the report, essentially it goes to these two organisations so they're at the forefront of it.

"That's been it. I've had absolutely no involvement."

John Key has not yet seen even a draft copy, but expects it to be finished soon.

"It's effectively authored by the head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the head of the GCSB, and they are going to get that report soonish.

"David Henry - the civil servant who's writing it - is working on it."