Firefighters responded en masse to a scrub flare-up near Christchurch overnight.

Eighteen trucks tackled the flames as they leapt through vegetation at West Melton.

Fire Service spokesman Brent Dunn says it was quickly brought under control and contained to an area of a couple of hectares.

"We still have rural firefighters on the scene this morning and they'll continue with dampening down and just making sure flare ups don't get away."


Mr Dunn says a Department of Conservation rural fire investigator will take a look at what caused the blaze later this morning.

Meanwhile, authorities are considering banning fires altogether in an area which has been hit by several over the past few days.

District Council chief Paul Davey says the council will continue to evaluate the level of fire restrictions in place.

"We currently have a restricted fire season. We may have to be looking more seriously at taking that to the next level of a prohibition."

Mr Davey says irrespective of the status of restrictions, he's imploring people not to even contemplate fires.

"And I suppose the message we want to get to people, particularly in the rural area in Selwyn, is to not even contemplate anything in the way of any fire at all."