Being naked in public was a wish come true for former TV presenter Helena McAlpine.

In two weeks, she hopes to do it again with hundreds of others in a world record attempt as part of the BW Camping Festival in Gisborne.

McAlpine, a breast cancer ambassador and former music channel C4 host, joined Auckland public relations consultant Anna Jobsz and BW festival project manager Christine Shanahan to get their gear off yesterday at Okahu Bay in the lead-up to what they hope will be the world's biggest skinny-dip.

"This is definitely on my bucket list - being naked in public," said McAlpine, who was looking forward to disrobing again on Gisborne's Midway Beach on December 30. Organisers hope hundreds will join the skinny-dip record attempt during the festival, which attracts thousands of holidaymakers to the area.


Those wanting to take part would need to register before losing their clothes, said festival organiser Toby Burrows, who admitted he was "too shy" to take the plunge himself.

The Guinness World Record stands at 413, set in Wales last year. This month in Tauranga, a bid to break the record failed when only 299 people stripped.

Jobsz said she was delighted to take part in the attempt. "It's a great, fun thing to do over summer."