Police have been unable to identify the owners of 18 pairs of women's undies that were taken during an early-morning knickers-snatching spree in Wanganui East earlier this year.

Lance William Rice raided the clotheslines of several fully-fenced properties between Boydfield and Duncan streets in the early hours of September 29.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Stephen Butler told the Whanganui District Court earlier this week that, while the police had identified the owners of nine pairs of undies, a further 18 remained estranged.

Rice's lawyer, Anna Brosnahan, said her client was extremely embarrassed by his alcohol-fuelled offending.


The 40-year-old told police he had "stuffed up" when they apprehended him following the incident.

Rice admitted five charges of burglary and three of unlawfully being in an enclosed yard when he appeared before Judge David Cameron on Tuesday.

He was convicted of all charges and sentenced to six months' supervision.